“I know a lot of these bowlers. Great people and we still bowl.”

Maryanne Lynch

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‘Look back at bowling in South Jersey’

“Any ordinary person who went to work but refused to do their job would be fired, but Congress seems to get rewarded with some members serving for life.”

Charles Schwarz

‘Both parties more dysfunctional

than White House, says Andrew Malcolm’

“Need to bring the Surf back, in some incarnation or another.”

Jonathan Bronco

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‘Look back at Sandcastle Stadium

and Surf baseball in Atlantic City’

“When are we going to hear that taxes are being reduced to encourage new business to come to this state and to keep our citizens from fleeing in droves?”

Sandi D’Amato

“If our state-run colleges would stop wasting money buying closed casinos, country clubs and golf courses, tuition costs could be lowered.”

Jan Brittain

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‘Free college proposal from Gov. Murphy has fans and foes’

“Don’t worry, Mark, these folks on Capital Hill can’t get anything done anyway.”

Don Hoffay

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‘Mark Zuckerberg testifies

before Congress’

“My heart cries for him and the pain that weighed heavy in his young, innocent thoughts.”

Bob Newhouse

‘Atlantic City 11-year-old

committed suicide, father says’

“Way to go, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.”

Dawn and Chris Ganci

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‘Volunteers from Borgata help

renovate Habitat for Humanity home’

“Of course the taxpayers foot the bill, this is New Jersey.”

Greg Cip

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‘Millville residents may foot $1.2 million building demolition bill’

“I know that the Egg Harbor City School District provided awesome meals, vegetables, last summer to kids.”

Patty Colon

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‘More students eating summer meals in New Jersey, report shows’