“Best of luck, Kaitlyn”

Jane Dixon-Hoffman

via Facebook

‘Miss New Jersey’s long road to Miss America comes down to final month’

“I cannot understand what is happening to Atlantic County. Every day there are reports of muder and mayhem. When I was a teenager and later living in the area, it was a decent place to live. Now, it is a mess!”

Linda Robertson

‘Body found on beach of former Revel identified’

“Criticizing Tyner for talking about the scope of the investigation is ridiculous. Kudos to him for pursuing this investigation on the county level and not choosing to sit back and wait for the federal investigation results.”

Amanda Bonner

‘Lawyers criticize prosecutor’s office handling of drug probe’

“Nah, it takes a ton of money to invest in a program like that, and tuition would probably go through the roof like Rutgers.”

Mike Battaglino

via Facebook

‘Should Stockton University tackle football?’

“Keep spaying, neutering, and adopting!”

Michelle Feinberg

“Abandoning domestic animals, whether they’re sterilized or not, is cruelty. Anyone who does so should be cited by authorities.”

Henry George

‘A.C. cat killings another reason to ban managed feral colonies’

“This is terrible — let’s hope things improve quickly.”

Michael T. Woelfel

‘Atlantic County prosecutor subpoenas Margate schools in health-benefits probe’

“Great guy. Well deserved honor.”

Tom Pokrywka

‘Bill to designate part of Route 55 in Frankie Williams’ honor becomes law’

“With gun buy-backs and prescription med drops being a success, next should be her-oine and opioid buy-backs.”

Jason Etters

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‘OCPO burns more than 4,400 pounds of pills’

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