“Cautiously optimistic, but the salt shaker is ready for deployment.”

Michael J. Halkias

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“Take longer than that just to get a new company licensed by the CCC to operate.”

Rich Pugz Berry

‘Atlantic City’s Revel expected

to reopen in May under new ownership’

“This is despicable. I hope that the charges send them a message they will never forget.”

Darleen Stein

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‘Cat survives being “thrown away” down 10-story A.C. apartment trash chute’

“Thank you for stating the case so well. The state and federal grants over the years surely were not earmarked to bolster a mayor’s political aspirations.”

Ed Denne

‘Our view: DEP must intervene to ensure integrity of its Hereford Inlet Lighthouse’

“She’s helped so many kids over the years. So happy that she got the help she needed.”

Kait Heffley

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‘Mullica horseback riding instructor

first in NJ to get Operation Walk surgery’

“It was a dead zone when Taj was open. Instead, we get gas, convenience store and car wash. ... Well done.”

Isaac Brumer

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‘Hard Rock plans gas station

for Atlantic City property’

“Why is it so hard for so many to simply keep their hands to themselves?”

Ruth Geminder Kopf

‘Batali tripped up by sexual misconduct allegations, leaves “The Chew”’

“Just what Atlantic needs is another empty lot.”

Michael W. Virga

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‘Trump Plaza redevelopment

critical to the future of the city’

“That’s some expensive weed.”

Nicholas Fiadino

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‘Hamilton cops seize 11 pounds

of marijuana worth $40,000’