“Did not need you anyway! The best Christmas gift to America will pass this week.”

Scott Krawiec

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“Tolls increased. Sales tax increased. Property tax increased, payroll tax increased, corporate tax increased, state school aid decreased. New Jersey has a spending problem.”

Craig Tanzola

‘U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo will vote against GOP tax plan’

“Shame on you for doing this to kids. If you can’t afford it, that gives you no right to steal them.”

Nazia Khan

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‘Toys for Tots donation bin stolen

from Galloway Township building’

“If the executive branch executed the legislation it signed into law and didn’t ignore it, perhaps these measures wouldn’t be necessary.”

Ed Zebrowski III

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‘Stop New Jersey constitutional overreach before it’s too late’

“Very tacky. Hopefully someone will restore it to something beautiful instead of what that guy did.”

Katie Ronca

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‘$3 million Neverland property

sold before Friday auction’

“They already charge for faster speeds.”

Vincent Corabi

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‘FCC votes along party lines

to end net neutrality’

“A great step. Don’t listen to the haters, keep bettering yourself one move at a time.”

Victor Nappen II

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‘Skywalk between Tropicana and former Chelsea hotel set to open in spring’

“Trying to have it both ways. Oh, I forgot where I live.”

Gerardo Noggadarius

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‘Pinelands Commissioner residency, pipeline votes, in question’