“Wow. Gonna be interesting to see how this plays out. Good for those employees!”

Jen Brzozowski

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‘OceanFirst Bank plans minimum wage hike to $15 per hour’

“Was never worth the investment in the first place.”

Denis Brown

‘Miss America pageant may lose

$4 million CRDA subsidy in A.C.’

“Guess the Wheel will not run very often in January and February if it will not be open when temps are below 40 degrees.”

Joe Stewart

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‘Steel Pier $14 million

Observation Wheel open’

“She’s very generous and kind. There are some good people in this world.”

Natalie Cintron

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‘Middle schooler sends stockings

filled with gifts to Puerto Rico’

“Wow. I needed help and not one agency or church helped.”

Shawna Patrice

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‘Atlantic County group

giving families a Christmas’

“Many of the old movies had elements of propaganda. ... We would do well to root out the cultural Marxists who run Hollywood.”

Robert P. Schneider

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‘FBI thought “It’s a Wonderful Life”

was communist propaganda’

“It’s a good place. They just need better employees and boss.”

Kelvin Hyke

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‘EHC residents still leery of Harborfields’

“Well, since he has a problem with bridges, I’m not surprised he has one with tunnels too.”

Jim Jones

‘Rail tunnel finally funded,

reversing error early in Christie’s tenure’