“Now the CRDA is using funds for what they were meant for and he has a problem with it.”

Robert Rosetta

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‘Sweeney urges CRDA to deny Icahn money for Trump Plaza demolition’

“Just can’t trust anyone anymore. This is so sad.”

Dawn Marie Rozas Peterson

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‘Amazing Ventnor president charged

with stealing hurricane relief funds’

“Hopefully you can encourage others on the same path.”

Josh Gomez

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‘Fitness helps a Ventnor woman

stay sober’

“Last winter, they helped us out in the Wildwoods with a new litter and the parents of under-the-Boardwalk cats.”

Helene Korey Marley

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“You believe it’s compassionate but in practice causes more deaths, misery, environmental damage and very dangerous health hazards.”

Mark Woodward

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‘Animal lovers working

on Cape May County’s feral cats’

“Yea! Looking forward to a new fun store.”

Jane Tyndall

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‘Hobby Lobby holds a job fair

next week for its upcoming store’

“This whole story sounds fishy to me.”

Bill Crane

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‘Panicked 9-1-1 call details

inmates’ escape from Harborfields’

“Very hard to scrape out a living and make a life at the Jersey Shore. It’s a summer living place for those who can afford it.”

Mary Mathis

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‘Apartment dwellers seek

affordable rents’

“I hope the new governor has the guts to say it is his fault when someone is hurt by a bear.”

Dave Stoner

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‘Bear hunt may be N.J.’s last for a while’