“Other issue is ‘original’ music lacking originality, over-saturating local concert bills and general disinterest with new music due to the area’s obsession with the past.”

Todd Stecher

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‘Independent musicians lack shows, venues to showcase original music’

“It’s supposed to be cold, hence the name Polar Bear.”

Frank Loberto

‘Ventnor cancels Polar Bear Plunge because it will be too cold’

“Thank God. So glad that garbage didn’t hit the streets, Atlantic City has enough problems.”

Laura Robinson

‘Two Atlantic City men arrested after found possessing 5,200 bags of heroin’

“Round up those who were arrested and do not release them until they cough up who organized this brawl and who paid them.”

Samuel Shurgott

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‘1,000 teens cause Cherry Hill Mall

brawl, 5 arrested cops say’

“So sad that these people suffer over this jerk and his total disregard.”

Cheryl Peterson Weber

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‘“Everything is gone” after fiery pickup truck crash into Atlantic City storefront’

“This is the first smart thing that Toms River has ever done.”

Christopher Michael Hammer

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‘Don Guardian to be appointed

Toms River business administrator’

“How about we give them Narcan and another chance at life, only if they go directly to rehab, minimum three to six months.”

Mary Coppolino

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‘Ocean County free Narcan training

set for January’

“Don’t worry, Phil Murphy will raise taxes on that too.”

Brina Greis

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‘Gas prices drop for sixth straight week

in New Jersey’

“Sure, there were throws that were not accurate and we missed a field goal in 15 mph winds, but we won.”

Michael Porcaro

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‘Weinberg: Eagles limping into the playoffs’

“Putting those comments in writing, that was beyond stupid. No pity for this bunch of vulgar executives.”

Antoinette Silvestro

‘Miss America CEO, president and board chairman all resign amid email scandal’

“Well, that’s why the Black Horse Pike was closed.”

Anna Mae

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‘Cape May County man dead in double fatal Hamilton Township crash’