“Fingers crossed the politicians don’t stand in the way of progress.”

Gloria Dean Kelley

via Facebook

“I hope they can make the restaurants more general customer friendly.”

Peggy Romano

‘Revel casino officially sold,

will re-open this summer’

“I have been a mail carrier in Egg Harbor Township for 24 years and this is the worst I have seen the streets.”

Frank G. Ficca

via Facebook

‘Some Egg Harbor Township mail

delayed due to snow’

“Aww. But, I really wanted to freeze to death on a 90-minute trip to Delaware. Bummer.”

Bridget Wright

via Facebook

‘Cape May-Lewes Ferry cancels operations for Saturday’

“Have been disgusted with this outdated pageant for years.”

Sue Sandman

‘Big changes coming for Miss America, says Gretchen Carlson’

“Amazing that people have to be told this.”

Joe Gachetti

via Facebook

‘Lower Township police warn residents not to walk across ice to sunken ship’

“Atlantic City will never meet its true potential, transform into a world class resort, and fix the negative image it has adopted if we continue to cater to the homeless, addicts and lower class.”

Shane Colin Schaeffer

via Facebook

‘Among homeless, addiction adds

layer of complexity to solutions’

“How much is this costing the city?”

Mike Teri Giercyk

via Facebook

‘Atlantic City partnering with DOT

to clear streets of snow’

“I guess the taxpayers will have to pay for this, too.”

Jane Laielli

via Facebook

‘Local lawmaker calls on Murphy

to sue FCC over net neutrality repeal’

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