“Needs to be sold fast so people in this area can get back to work and proper tax money can go back into the ailing city’s financial problems.”

Janet Williams

via Facebook

‘$220 million offer made

for Atlantic City Revel, firm claims’

“I started vaping two months ago and smoked one cigarette in that time. Tasted horrible!”

Donna Marie Bassano

“Had to abruptly stop smoking cigarettes after 55 years and am glad that vaping is available. ... After just a few months I hardly vape anymore.”

Ramras Montgomery

‘Our view: Legislators still attack vaping, even as evidence of its benefits mounts’

“Kind of unfair for the young man, who has clearly worked hard to get where he is, to have to be associated with this.”

Allison Dalzell

via Facebook

‘Father of Red Sox prospect

charged with heroin, firearms’

“Everyone remembers the Trump casino bankruptcies in Atlantic City but never a mention of Harrah’s, Caesars, ITT. Over the course of 22 years, it’s seven that we can remember.”

Donald Galardi

via Facebook

‘Casino Control Commission approves Caesars bankruptcy plan’

“As important as the recreational fishing industry is to our local tourism, I hope this paper will continue to help fight for reasonable regulations.”

David Showell

‘Flounder length and bag limits

set for the season’

“His store always had an amazing cheese smell when you walked it.”

Maria Nouragas Pappas

via Facebook

‘Owner of Atlantic City’s former Bongiovanni’s Imported Foods dies’

“Just look what the Nugget did to that building. Can’t wait to see how nice the Hard Rock is going be.”

Timothy Hamilton

via Facebook

‘Hard Rock investors say Atlantic City Trump Taj Mahal facade demolition to start next week’


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