“There was absolutely no valid reason to suspend bus service to Absecon Island yesterday. I feel bad for those poor people who stood out on the corners in the cold wind and rain waiting for buses that never came.”

John Cramer

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‘NJ Transit bus service

suspended due to storm’

“Government works best when trust and openness exist between citizens and their government.”

Joseph Miller

“No, not until after at least a preliminary investigation to determine if justified.”

Scott Shade

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‘Should police officers behind shootings be identified?’

“Using a picture of the snakes getting it on is an interesting choice.”

Jason Downie

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‘Endangered pine snake halts

Ocean County Wal-mart construction’

“Rachel Maddow’s next big TV spectacular will be Donald Trump’s 1997 dental records.”

Kevin Decosta

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‘White House releases Trump tax info ahead of TV report’

“My boss and I ... were wished a great day by our male counterparts, and then were treated to dinner and drinks.”

Mary D’amico

“I didn’t wear red or stay home from my job. A real woman does her job and acts like the strong person that she is.”

Laurie Snyder

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‘Women wear red, stay home or march during “A Day Without Women”’

“Interesting take on the traditional publishing industry, and nice to hear for a change that the industry isn’t tanking.”

Jordan McDowell

via PressofAC.com

‘Book publishers show other media

how print can beat digital’

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