“This is good news for the people of Atlantic City. Especially the families who lost their jobs due to all the casino closings.”

Heem Gallagher

via Facebook

‘Here’s all the good news Atlantic City

has received in the past month’

“Come on now. If you live there, there is no reason for that to happen ... no excuse to not move your car.”

Michael Long

via Facebook

‘Fire departments rescue several cars from flood waters’

“Someone should build a large structure to house startup businesses or other businesses that need funding for part of their equity.”

Ian Lazarus

‘How to improve the odds

on Atlantic City’s bet on millennials’

“‘You get what you pay for’ is an old adage you can live by. Low salaries means unreliable workers.”

Dan Cheesman

“Atlantic City needs to cut costs. Next should be the schools. As an A.C. property owner, I pay more property taxes than my net profit.”

Yi-Hsin Huang

‘State moves to change

Atlantic City police contracts’

“How many affordable housing projects do we need around here? Good Lord.”

Laurie Valentino

via Facebook

‘EHT Committee hosts hearing

on Rodeway affordable-housing plan’

“What a load. The only citizens keeping up with inflation are the politicians and government employees.”

Jeff Hackett

‘Our view: Raises for Vineland officials look OK, as long as they perform well’

“It’s about time that the source of the resident Canada geese be discussed and evaluated.”

Betty Butler

‘Our view: There are ways to manage resident geese, if there’s the will’

“In the meantime, why don’t you figure out how to fund the public pension plan instead of raising taxes.”

Sharon Scaltrito

via Facebook

‘At Jim’s Lunch, an official state pork roll and cheese sandwich is silly’

“They should have. The Hard Rock symbol would look good going around the Revel ball on the roof.”

Terrence J. Linder

via Facebook

‘Hard Rock explored buying Revel before Trump Taj Mahal’

“I have three pets from that shelter. ... I have never run across any mistreatment of any of the animals while I was there.”

Mary Griffiths-Moliver

via Facebook

‘Allegations of animal abuse at local shelter are false, new report concludes’

“Atlantic County may sue New Jersey, so essentially we are just suing ourselves, the taxpayers.”

Mike Price

via Facebook

‘Atlantic County could sue New Jersey over Atlantic City takeover, PILOT’

“This is about gaming revenues, but casinos still make money on rooms, restaurants, spas, shows and more.”

Douglas Pickell

via Facebook

‘Atlantic City casino industry see slight dip in February revenue over last year’

“Great news! Keep the positivity rolling, A.C.”

Brent Kolmer

via Facebook

‘DeWalt Brewing Co. plans to relocate to Atlantic City’

“Great idea. A.C. needs some family fun. Hope they can do it and the city should bend over backwards to help them.”

Marianne Galantino

via Facebook

“This is still a location rich with potential. Just need solid leadership and committed businesses with sustainable strategies.”

Rhapsody Hahn-Chaney

‘Atlantic Club to become water park, family entertainment complex’

“Opening a college in A.C. is a genius business idea. Not only that but it’s great for the community.”

Pete DiCiano Jr.

via Facebook

‘Is Stockton the answer to Atlantic City’s problems?’

“Never be sad about losing, especially when you do the very best you can.”

Maggie Kelly

via Facebook

‘Ocean City loses 48-45 heartbreaker to Pascack Valley in state final’

“Having worked construction for 40 years, the problem with the road work is that nobody polices the contractors properly.”

Vincent G. Reale

‘Voice of the People: Road, bridge work too slow’

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