“We have overfished the fluke and these sefish fishermen/women want to fish fluke to near extinction.”

Craig Radhuber

‘New Jersey pushes for alternative

fluke plan as season approaches’

“Who? Is this actually a thing?”

Emanuel Fleming

via Facebook

‘Martin Mollusk sees his shadow,

summer is coming early’

“Is it against the law to bring a scorpion into N.J.?”

Brad Linthicum

via Facebook

‘United flight delayed after scorpion crawls out of passenger’s clothes’

“Is it true that those islands are really just big sandbars?”

Ed Gorman

via Facebook

‘Feds to fund beach fills

in Ocean City and Brigantine this fall’

“My mom worked in a school cafeteria for 25 years, and it went from fresh homemade lunches to cheap processed foods.”

Debbie Off

via Facebook

‘Michelle Obama criticizes

Trump school lunch decision’

“Why can’t the consumer buy the monitor they want instead of the monitor the state says they must have?”

James Kane

via Facebook

‘New state law requires safeguards against hacking for baby monitors’

“Why didn’t they do that right after it happened?”

Laura Burke Yoder

via Facebook

‘Prosecutor seeks husband’s DNA

in April Kauffman killing’

“After years of the worst county with foreclosure rates in the country, now let’s raise taxes.”

Dave Blyler

via Facebook

‘Atlantic County announces

tax increases for 21 municipalities’

“Fabulous entertainer, and one of the only people in New Jersey who really knew how to make a delicious crab cake.”

Dawna C. Lindsey

via Facebook

‘South Jersey restaurateur, music lover Herb “Bubba Mac” Birch dies at 73’

“When will the politicians stop lining their pockets with the money that belongs to the local heroes ( the police and firefighters)?”

Sara Carleo

via Facebook

‘Chiesa law firm bills surpass $1 million for Atlantic City takeover’

“It’s sad the the summer concerts at Gardner’s Basin aren’t happening. I use to look forward to them and coming home to see family and friends.”

Verna Hopkins Nortez

‘New beach concert announced for Atlantic City’

“So much for my memories of Hahn’s, Little Hahn’s, Henny’s, Shelter Haven, and the old Windrift.”

Janis Henry McGowan

via Facebook

‘Former Henny’s comes down in Stone Harbor’

“Love the shirt the one guy is wearing, ‘Straight outta excuses’.”

Pat Maggio

via Facebook

‘See the faces of recovery from addiction in South Jersey’

“Quite an accomplishment. Congrats!”

Nancy Ball Robbins

via Facebook

‘12-year-old Atlantic City girl accepted to prestigious ballet program in NYC’

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