“She should have won. We haven’t had a Miss New Jersey win in a long time.”

Pat Maggio

via Facebook

‘Miss New Jersey describes “out-of-body” experience on Miss America stage’

“This type of police brutality is why police get a bad reputation.”

Kathie Cavanaugh

via Facebook

‘Castellani excessive force lawsuit

settles for $3 million’

“It’s still a mind altering substance and, yes, smoking and driving has killed people in car accidents.”

Brandy Kasparian Stanley

‘Northfield police seize 2 pounds

of marijuana in grow-house raid’

“$15,000 per child in Hamilton Township. Wow.”

Martha E. Anderson

via Facebook

‘Local districts awarded extra aid

to expand preschool programs’

“What?! No wonder she’s smiling like the Cheshire Cat.”

Doug Easterly

via Facebook

‘Three years probation for former Ocean City Housing Authority director’

“Trapped? Pretty sure the windows come out in an emergency. On the wrong train? That would be her fault.”

George Riley

via Facebook

‘College student falls asleep, gets

trapped in empty NJ Transit train’

“Middle class here, and would not be able to consider our purchase of Tesla without subsidy offered.”

Dwain Skrobarcek

‘Taxpayers shouldn’t have to subsidize overpriced Teslas, says H. Sterling Burnett’

“Let’s keep in mind those who have supported and been committed to this city. Hope our crafters/vendors will be staying. They were a large part of the mystique of that part of the city.”

Denise Khoury Gallagher

via Facebook

‘Atlantic City Council approves Gardner’s Basin redevelopment agreement’

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