I intended to write to critique recent letters bashing Fox News. However, statements that President Barack Obama's approval rating remains high and that George W. Bush's performance was so poor that the public shouldn't get upset about current scandals do not deserve a response. The real problems now involve the unintended consquences of the immigration reform proposal from "the Gang of Eight."

The Congressional Budget Office's analysis that immigration reform will save millions of dollars deserves no more rebuttal than to say that's what they told us about Obamacare. Looking a little deeper, we can see the fallacy of insisting that illegal aliens will not receive welfare or any other federal aid. Not even health care. Big mistake. That doesn't keep them from getting state aid, which will bankrupt states.

And it gets worse. Because the undocumented workers won't be subject to Obamacare, employers will not be fined if they don't provide them with health insurance. So illegal aliens will be hired by the hundreds of thousands at less cost than U.S. citizens. What a sweetheart deal - lower salaries and no fines. Black Americans should be furious, because they will suffer the most.

If that's not scary enough, keep in mind that the liberals manipulated the health care cost analysis by assessing taxes from the get-go but delaying implementation of the costs. Who knows what they will do to fix the numbers for immigration reform.

I almost forgot to mention that the Internal Revenue Service will be responsible for enforcing health care penalties, which the buffoons on the Supreme Court ruled to be taxes. Is that not scary? That brings to mind the possibility of another alarming unintended consequence. If we get national gun registration, the IRS will be able to target gun owners.


North Cape May


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