Regarding the May 28 article, "Bill would end horseshoe-crab harvest ban":

The ban on horseshoe-crab harvesting affects only 34 licensed harvesters. State Sen. Jeff Van Drew, D-Cape May, Cumberland, Atlantic, and these harvesters want to bring back the killing of horseshoe crabs, an amazing prehistoric creature that has blue blood and is also used for scientific research. The harvesters say they were promised compensation when the state ended the harvest of horseshoe crabs.

But allowing the horseshoe-crab population to rebound and remain unmolested not only benefits a variety of birds and other marine life, it helps add stability to our already damaged and fragile ecosystem, which is constantly under pressure.

It also will bring in tourist dollars from bird and nature enthusiasts, who generate a much-needed boost to the local economy many times more valuable than 34 baymen harvesting horseshoe crabs for bait.

Putting an entire species at risk and damaging others for 34 harvesters seems disproportionate and a waste of one of God's wonders.

The real question should be: Are these 34 men entitled to compensation to phase out this horseshoe-crab harvesting forever?



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