Don't import dogs

to South Jersey shelters

The Sept. 1 story, "South Jersey dog lovers differ on out of state adoptions," failed to mention one of the reasons many South Jersey shelters are flooded with pit bulls. It is because of housing situations. Most apartment complexes have a dog weight limit (usually 25 pounds), and those that do not usually have "breed restrictions" against pit bulls and others.

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When a living situation changes, which has happened quite a bit between Hurricane Sandy and the economy in general, people who have lost homes and been forced to move into apartments often put the family pet in a shelter. The majority of these pit bulls - which are identified only visually and may not be pit bulls at all - suffer the consequences.

These dogs can end up being coined "unadoptable" as they fall prey to kennel stress and depression, which can manifest in perceived aggressive behavior.

But if we are being flooded with cute little wiggly puppies from the South, which dogs are getting foster homes? Is it the older family dogs of all breeds that are already patiently and sadly waiting in the shelters? Nope. The puppies get adopted.

Many shelters in South Jersey are kill shelters. These dogs are now dying just as the ones from Georgia would have died. It is, in essence, a life for a life, which doesn't help the dogs already here in New Jersey.



Don't buy or breed

- rescue a shelter dog

Regarding the Sept. 1 story, "South Jersey dog lovers differ on out of state adoptions":

The controversy continues, just as the flow of animals surrendered to our shelters nationwide continues. Millions die in them yearly, thousands as you read this letter. The bottom line: Don't breed or buy an animal.

I've heard all the excuses, and none has ever been more relevant then an animal's life. It's just plain unethical to hand money over to people who are producing lives, while other lives are forced to be destroyed. Adopt, rescue, save a life, and then spay or neuter. Their lives depend on you.


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