The Nov. 6 election offers the opportunity to eliminate the impasse in Washington caused by a Democratic president opposed by a Republican-controlled House of Representatives and a Senate in which Republicans can filibuster to death every Democrat-initiated piece of legislation.

If every voter for Barack Obama would also vote for Democratic candidates for Congress, and if every voter for Mitt Romney would also vote for Republican candidates for Congress, then whoever is elected president would be more likely to have the ability to enact the legislative reforms for which he was elected.

For example, it makes no sense, if you agree with Obamacare as a means of providing health care to the multitude of uninsured Americans, to also vote for Republican legislators who are pledged to oppose that health care program.

And it makes no sense, if you believe (as I do) that global warming is the most serious environmental threat to human civilization as we know it, to vote for Republican lawmakers who deny that threat.

Locally, in 2008, in both the 2nd and 3rd Congressional Districts, the majorities voted for a Democratic president but a Republican congressman.


Egg Harbor City