Regarding the June 28 column by Michael Donohue, chairman of the Cape May County Regular Republican Organization, "Republicans must stake out new ground on the issues":

Donohue, like many other Republicans lately, believes Republicans must change in regard to how they approach certain issues. The three main issues Donohue expounded on were immigration, abortion and race relations. In my opinion, he lost on race relations before he even started.

First, he detailed a long list of accomplishments by Republicans in regard to civil rights some decades ago. Donohue must know that particular Republican Party no longer exists. The GOP was infiltrated by the racist demagogues who left the Democratic Party because they felt the Democrats were getting too cozy with black folk, particularly after President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964 and the Voting Rights Act in 1965.

Furthermore, Donohue seems to imply that African Americans mainly depend on the government - or, as he puts it, suffer from "multi-generational government dependency." That is an insult to all black scientists, doctors, business owners, educators, public-safety workers, lawyers, contractors, etc.

Government dependency is not unique to African Americans, just as the opposite is not unique to whites. If you are going to reach out to African Americans as if we are all government-dependent, don't waste your time.