I was stunned to read the misguided Aug. 22 editorial, "Pets and cars/Bills unnecessary," which says New Jersey doesn't need a law requiring pets to be restrained while traveling in vehicles.

The editorial says, "If you think your dog is safe and comfortable riding unrestrained in the back of a car, Trenton has no business telling you otherwise." But an unrestrained pet is a hazard to passengers as well as at risk itself in case of an accident.

The animal could become a projectile slamming into the people and/or windshield. A 60-pound dog in a vehicle that is traveling at a speed of 35 mph could be thrown with such force that it could critically injure a person and/or kill the dog.

While the dog may be "comfortable" unrestrained, it is not safe, for the same reason people are required to wear seat belts. An unrestrained pet can also become a distraction to the driver. Many comfortable and safe harnesses are available for pets, and we therefore never drive without our three golden retrievers safe and secure in their doggie car seats.


Egg Harbor Township