The Aug. 2 story, "Deal to end FAA shutdown blocked" describes more sad examples of just how low Republicans will stoop to get their way.

A separate article described Gov. Chris Christie raving about how Republicans were a positive influence on the budget debate. Really?

That Republican mind-set is responsible for the fact that 4,000 FAA employees and tens of thousands of contract employees were furloughed for two weeks. I happen to be one of them. So much for Republicans trying to create jobs - they're killing them.

Though Republicans have issues that are certainly worthy of debate, they unapologetically held hard-working people hostage in their silly ideological war. To them we were just collateral damage. They know damn well their issues can be addressed without hurting the innocent.

Most readers probably don't care that an engineer such as me was affected by this. But you should care that many safety-critical employees such as airport safety inspectors were also affected.

These poor people were forced to work without pay and cover all their travel expenses out of their own pocket. Inspectors typically travel to five airports in a two-week period, which costs thousands of dollars in hotel and airline tickets. How long do you think they would have been willing or even financially able to do that? Do you want someone with poor morale doing that job? Would you do it?

Yet, our Republican politicians were perfectly OK with it. Shameful! I want everyone to think about that on their way to the airport in the coming weeks. If there are any safety incidents, will they be considered collateral damage too?


FAA Technical Center Electronics Engineer

Egg Harbor Township


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