Fashion choices are none of Wildwood's business - Voice Of The People

Fashion choices are none of Wildwood's business - Voice Of The People

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Fashion choices are none of Wildwood's business

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Posted: Friday, June 7, 2013 12:01 am

Regarding the May 29 article, "Wildwood to vote on droopy-pants Boardwalk ban":

The place that has so desperately tried and failed to come across as a family town now wants to tell you what you cannot wear on the Boardwalk. Yes, the infamous home of bar fights and shootings and summers filled with missing persons, drownings and date rapes sees fit to have its cops become fashion police. Will they be running around measuring everyone's waistlines to make sure that the 3-inch rule is upheld? (Pun intended.)

I'm not a fan of seeing people's backsides sticking out of their pants either. I find the look sloppy. I also think the crooked and sideways hats make people look like goobers, too. But that is not my choice to make, nor is it the choice of Wildwood. Shall we argue over something more petty, please?

So some bozo spends money for loud printed boxer shorts and wants to show them off? If it was a girl in a thong or a weightlifter in a Speedo, something tells me that would come under the category of good advertising for beach life. Will we be telling the ladies to cover their cleavage? (I say cover all the fake ones.) I'm not a fan of those red hats and shirts with the letter "P" on them either. Can we get rid of those, too?

This plan is a personal vendetta against youth fashion and young people's culture. It is nothing less than a social selection made by people who seem to be ignoring real-life issues.

If you want everyone to look as you choose, maybe you should take us all shopping. I'd go for it.

Or perhaps we should all wear the brown-over-brown uniforms that were so popular when my great-grandparents left Germany in the 1940s.

If, for some reason, this is all a trick to make money on fines and violations, might I suggest picking on the people in polo shirts and neckties? They usually have more money.

As for me, I'll spend my money elsewhere and happily wear my long hair and my black Led Zeppelin T-shirt - that very same look that the authorities tried to make illegal in my youth.

Droop on, brothers - your pants are still half-on.


Egg Harbor Township

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