Regarding the May 31 letter, "You won't get truth watching Fox News":

I would like to bring to the writer's attention the flow of liberal propaganda emanating from most colleges, universities, all the major electronic media, the newspapers printed in virtually all major cities and all of the popular newsmagazines. Those of us to the right of center face a daily stream of thinly veiled hatred. That these media are not above lying whenever they feel like it is simply a matter of record. Before anyone accepts their output as "real news," I would suggest they should get a better grip on the truth.

There is another point of view that has every right to find expression. Fox has as much right to spin its view of the world as do CNN, NBC or PBS.

Fox stands alone against the government, the collective media and the educational fraternity. I believe we have a constitutional amendment allowing them to do so. Apparently the writer would abrogate that right.


Galloway Township

There is a reason

Fox News leads ratings

Regarding the May 31 letter, "You won't get truth watching Fox News":

I wonder what media the writer uses to obtain national news. I would guarantee that the people who watch Fox News are more knowledgeable about national news than those watching any other media.

Apparently the writer uses the far left national and cable channels as well as the leftist print media. Did the followers of these media get the full story on Fast and Furious, Bengazhi, the Internal Revenue Service and spying on the Associated Press? I doubt it.

I read the print media, and the lack of coverage of these scandals is appalling. Criticize all you want, but remember that Fox News has a larger audience than other cable news channels. There is a reason for this.


Mays Landing

Anti-Fox News ranter

should look in mirror

Regarding the May 31 letter, "You won't get truth watching Fox News":

This was one funny bit of rant. I didn't get much "truth" from the writer. I wonder if he has ever considered that some people may not like the news channel he watches.

The letter refers to Republicans as "shameful" and calls tea party supporters "crazies." Ouch. Such mean words. The writer should try looking in the mirror.

The whining continues about people trying to bring down the president. Oh my. Heaven forbid that some of us don't blindly follow the Pied Piper's tune.

President Barack Obama keeps his advisers and speech writers on their toes trying to explain away the gaffes and bloopers he blurts out on a daily basis. No one needs to bring him down; he's doing that all by himself.



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