Regarding George Will's Feb. 13 column, "'Downton Abbey' reveals the progressive dream":

Oddly, I initially found myself agreeing with Will's views about this series being a "languid appreciation of a class structure supposedly tempered by the paternalism of the privileged." We do seem to look back wistfully on what was in essence a grossly unfair economic system.

But then Will goes insane, saying the future upstairs occupiers will be not the rich, but the administrators of the regulatory state. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, whom Will quotes, "One must have a head of stone to read Will's rant without laughing."

Can anyone doubt that the present-day aristocrats (the 1 percent or 2 percenters, including Will) are living out their own "Downton Abbey" reality, cozy upstairs while the rest of us are working hard downstairs sweeping the scullery with not much chance of working our way upstairs except, perhaps, to empty some chamber pots - and we're expected to be thankful for this trickle-down opportunity?

I laughed again when Will ended his column by gushing over a direct quote from Karl Marx's "The Communist Manifesto."

C'mon, George. Really?


Somers Point