Regarding the June 18 letter, "Will someone remove 'Road Work' sign?":

Well, that might take some time. There is a sign on the westbound side of the Black Horse Pike west of Ivins Avenue - also florescent orange - that says, "End Road Work." It has been there several years. I think it was for a re-paving job.

Unfortunately, our roadways are littered with obsolete and out-dated signs. Some of my favorites include the sign on New Road in Linwood that tells us the Beesleys Point bridge is closed. How many years ago was that? I'm particularly amused by the 19 "No U-Turn" signs on Ocean Heights Avenue between Somers Point-Mays Landing Road and Harbor Avenue. That must be a very dangerous area for U-Turns.

One I'm especially perplexed by is the incessant reminder that "Right Lane Must Turn Right." What else would I do, go straight and drive up onto someone's lawn? Equally perplexing is the "Left Lane Must Turn Left," placed on the right shoulder of a three-lane intersection. Do I really need a sign to figure that one out?

How about "No Dumping, $50,000 fine"? In this day and age do we really need to be told that? And remember, if you have to litter, it's cheaper to litter on the Garden State Parkway than on an Atlantic County road - $200 versus $500. Oh, and one more. I've always wondered, if the deaf or handicapped child grows up or moves away, do we still need a sign that reads, "Deaf Child in Area," or "Handicapped Child in Area"?

I wish our local governments would just place signs that make the roads safe, give us direction or signs that tells us the name of the approaching crossroad. I'd feel better about how my tax dollars are spent. Next time you're on the road, take notice of all the signs and ask yourself, do we really need a sign for that?


Egg Harbor Township

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