Regarding the Jan. 31 editorial, "Minimum wage battle/Wrong and wronger":

The main point of your editorial is that our politicians should solve the question regarding raising the minimum wage. You correctly chide them for attempting to create a device - automatic annual increases - that relieves them of their rightful responsibilities. However, there is another point to be made.

What right does government have to dictate an agreement between two adult individuals regarding what one has agreed to pay and what the other has agreed to receive? No one recognizes this issue in their quest for "social justice."

When a law tells an individual what he must pay to acquire the services of another, and that an individual cannot determine the amount of pay he would be willing to work for, that law is wrong.

Backers of this system would say they are helping a poor person make more money.

But the only person who can determine what he or she wants to pay is the person paying. If it is too little for the potential employee, he will refuse it and go elsewhere. Suggesting that the offer may be too little for the employee is an admission that you know better than the person who is accepting the job. You don't.

Low pay is for individuals with low skills. Skills learned on the job or outside the job are the way for people to increase their value and thereby increase their pay, not the mandate of a political body that has no idea of the skill level of the individual applying for a job.


Sea Isle City