It's 11 months now, and I, like many others in Little Egg Harbor Township, am still out of my home.

Enough now with all of the phone calls, visits to the Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation and Mitigation Program center in Lakewood, forms to fill out, then more phone calls, more visits to RREM center, and more forms to fill out.

I remember listening to the governor early on when he said he would make sure that there would be no red tape. I wonder if the governor even knows where Little Egg Harbor is?

I have contacted his office many times over the last 11 months, asking that he take a trip here to see the damage done by Hurricane Sandy. But I guess that since we are not a "real" shore town with a boardwalk, a beach and tourists, we don't count.

It also seems that whenever the governor is asked a question regarding the status of when the people of New Jersey will receive grant money, he always has an answer. Maybe he should have a meeting with all of the RREM employees so that he can fill them in, because the only answer I get from them is "We don't know." The only thing they can tell you is "Do not do anything to your house, don't even hammer a nail, it will be in your best interest."

How do they know what my best interest is? Do they live in a trailer? Do they now have to rent an apartment, or live with family or friends?

It's time for the people displaced by Sandy to get the grant help and move on. Enough is enough.


Little Egg Harbor Township

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