Regarding the Jan. 25 story, "Boardwalk Hall Organ: Play It Again, Atlantic City":

Thanks are due to staff writer David Simpson for his story about the restoration of one of our national treasures, the Boardwalk Hall organ - and thanks to Carl Loeser and others who have committed their hands and hearts to rescuing one of America's most fascinating musical instruments. If this organ goes into the dust heap of history, we will not see its like again - and will be poorer for this loss.

The rest of us might lend a hand to this task. Preservation of our cultural heritage is a duty that transcends politics and civic bickering. It is also a job with incalculable rewards.

This Midmer-Losh organ is our legacy from our grandparent's time, and we should pass it on to generations that come after us.

Kudos to those who have already devoted themselves to this cause.