I want to commend Pleasantville for the excellent rehabilitation of our public marina. Thanks to our officials' foresight, the dilapidated area formerly known as Pleasantville Yacht Basin has been reborn as Lakes Bay Marina. The work was completed with a minimum of disruption to the surrounding area in a timely and exceptional manner.

This once-blighted site was reconstructed and considerably improved. Restoration includes first-class security measures. All areas are well-lit; locked chain-link fences are installed between each set of docks, with video surveillance over all.

Each dock has water, electricity and a pump-out station. Rental fees are reasonable, and the slips can accommodate boats of almost any size. A launch ramp facilitates usage. The city has brought back a family-oriented venue that enhances our enjoyment of this most treasured natural resource in our area.

Other plans for the redevelopment include paving the parking lot that is now crushed shell and a commercial presence as the site had in its heyday when I was a child in the 1950s.

Sadly, as I sat composing this overdue letter, my husband entered to show me photographs of the aftermath of what I call the Spooky Sandy Storm. My heart fell as my stomach churned.

Tragically, much of the work has been undone by Mother Nature. I am confident, however, that it will be righted. Undoubtedly state and federal agencies will extend financial assistance so that Pleasantville may yet again renew the marina on Lakes Bay.

I extend my gratitude and utmost sympathies to Pleasantville officials.



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