Regarding Rhona Bronson's Feb. 15 column, "Atlantic City needs lessons in Disney-like hospitality":

How true. I love living in New Jersey, but the hospitality here is really poor. Even in Cape May, where the old Victorian way is still practiced, the tour guides are missing the point. When we visit locations in the south such as Savannah, Charleston and Disneyworld, we find that the hospitality is warm, and the people really try to make your visit memorable.

The last time we were in Savannah, we found a trolley tour run by the local volunteers. When have you ever heard of someone doing that anywhere at the Jersey shore? We don't mind paying for tours, but they nickel and dime everything out of you.

A while back, we tried to make a reservation at a casino restaurant. We were told that we could not reserve unless we had a card showing we gambled in that casino. The maitre d' said we should come anyway and wait until a table is available. I was floored. So, since we are not gamblers, they are not interested in having us spend our money at their restaurant? Needless to say, I will never again try to eat in a casino restaurant, nor try to see a show in Atlantic City. I will go to New York, where our money is as good as anyone else's.

Thanks so much for this column. So many times I've wanted to write something and send it to The Press, but now that I've seen Bronson's column, I'm beginning to realize that it isn't just us. Atlantic City doesn't really care about anyone unless you are willing to lose/spend all your money at one of the casinos' tables or slot machines.


Dennis Township

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