Call me a nut, but I just don't understand people who purposely litter.

I was in my yard recently when I noticed two young men walking by. Directly in their path, in clear view, was a decorative trash can. One of the young men had an empty foam plate. He must have just finished a delectable snack from somewhere, smacking his lips and all.

Why people insist on drinking and eating while walking the streets is another mind-boggling thing for me. I think drinking and eating on the streets should be outlawed. It would truly eliminate much of the litter in our neighborhoods.

Anyway, this guy ever so casually tossed that empty plate onto the lot next to my house. With every fiber of my being, I refrained from asking him to just give me the plate to dispose of for him. I feared a tongue lashing or some form of violence being perpetrated against me if I were to say something to him. You can't be too in-your-face with young people these days. They don't respect their elders like they used to when I was growing up in the 1970s.

So I waited until they passed, and then I just picked up the plate and properly disposed of it.

I think there should be signs stating, "You are being watched, and there will be a $200 fine if you are seen littering." It's common courtesy not to litter. After all, cleanliness is next to godliness. Respect your surroundings.


Atlantic City

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