The Miss America broadcast opened with the contestants showcasing Atlantic City's focal points - the beach, Boardwalk Hall, Gardner's Basin and the White House Sub Shop. All good. Then there were segments on the "Show Me Your Shoes" Parade, the swimsuit and evening-gown competitions and the talent competition, where the talent was much better than your usual weekly evening TV shows.

The "Show Me Your Shoes" parade was a two-hour blast with the young queens in convertibles, great floats, lively bands, and a bunch of youths singing and dancing for thousands of happy spectators. I watched this parade from New York Avenue, the first I have seen for many years after having organized and directed it from 2002 to 2004. Congratulations to JM Best Entertainment, which organized the parade, and to Pink & Pepper shoes, which sponsored it.

The finals were a wonderful mix of beautiful young ladies, lovely swimsuits, gracious evening gowns and unique talents covering the world of song and dance. I was too absorbed to change channels for commercials. Welcome back, Miss America. It's great to have you back in Atlantic City where you belong.



Now bring back

'There she is' song

I watched the Miss America competition with great anticipation. My only disappointment was that the traditional theme song, "There she is, Miss America," was not included. I can still hear the melodic voice of Bert Parks as the newly crowned Miss America took her winning walk on the runway.

I know change is hard to accept, but also "everything old is new again." People who never heard this great song would enjoy it, especially the words explaining "her triumphant walk" as she is crowned Miss America. I hope tradition reigns, and this very catchy song returns, just as Miss America returned to our city.



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