It's time for all the various state, county, and municipal powers that be to stop conflating the issues of Atlantic City and address the biggest and most glaring weaknesses one at a time.

Any lay person can see that Pacific Avenue is a mess, plain and simple. It needs to be permanently improved once and for all, and that means a serious commitment to beautifying it.

I am talking about cobblestones, high-quality stone work, lighting accents, etc. We have to "Disney World" it up, people. Pacific Avenue borders our biggest assets - the casinos, beach and Boardwalk. We have to differentiate the commercial areas of the city from the residential areas in order to continue to create the "wow" factor we need.

I'm even referring to sanctioning jitney drivers who think Pacific Avenue is their own private race strip in an effort to grab the next fare before the driver in front of them gets it. Then there is the rude, intolerant behavior to our guests by far too many jitney drivers.

It's a disgrace that Pacific Avenue looks as pitiful as it does. We do not appear professional. When will our illustrious leaders and heavy-handed government decide what's important to marketing the city? Try starting with Pacific Avenue, ladies and gentlemen, and see if you can get at least that part of it right.

I am not trying to bash local agencies and officials, but I think this is a fair assessment of an obviously poor result. I don't want to read anymore about which City Council members have government-issued vehicles or not. I could care less. We all could care less what you get as long as you do a job. Can any of you honestly say you are proud of the progress the city has made in 35 years? We are not doing enough.



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