Democratic state Sens. Ray Lesniak and Jim Whelan have proposed a bill allowing Internet gamblers to bet from other states and countries through the websites run by Atlantic City casinos. This is a poor idea.

Not only is Internet gambling a dangerous and risky way to gamble, but it is prone to attracting people who already have gambling problems. If this bill is passed, it will worsen gambling addiction and encourage compulsive gambling behavior.

The atmosphere of the casino is what makes gambling and Atlantic City exciting and what brings people to the city to have a good time. If this bill is passed, then I believe fewer people will make the journey to Atlantic City to gamble and would instead just go on the Internet. This will negatively affect the economy of Atlantic City.

Even though the proposed bill will give the Atlantic City casinos access to the global Internet gambling market, the risks it will entail will far outweigh the benefits it will bring. I think this Internet gambling bill should be stopped dead in its tracks before it causes much damage.