Regarding the May 6 letter, "Keep 'under God' in Pledge of Allegiance":

May I remind the writer that not everyone's world is as simple as she might have it. There are more shades of gray to life than her attitude of "love it or leave it" allows.

As a daughter of a Battle of the Bulge veteran, I have utmost respect for the soldiers who put themselves in harm's way. However, rote allegiance to a deity who permits the very wars they endure seems to me a weak argument.

Separation of church and state is critical to our society. Unfortunately, it is being undermined lately by a narrow-thinking Supreme Court. This is dangerous.

Consider the extremists who abducted the young girls from their African schoolrooms in the name of religion. Read history to learn of numerous examples in which religion mixed with government yields inhumane results.

Inserting a word in a pledge does not guarantee a life lived well and productively.

I write this risking friendships with those whose faith is their sustenance. It is not my intent to insult anyone.

However, I prefer to keep government neutral in matters of religion. Agnostics and atheists pay taxes and practice good citizenship just as any other group in our pluralistic society does.

A truly democratic world view includes nonbelievers and doubters, not only the followers of a certain belief.


Little Egg Harbor Township


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