Under the media radar, a crisis brews. Young adults with bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, even doctorates, wait tables, work cash registers, perform mindless tasks for minimum wage. In some cases, they stand in unemployment lines or just sit home hoping for at least one positive response from the hundreds of resumes they have sent adrift in an ocean of faceless corporations. Many if not most worry about how they will ever pay off their student loans.

Or how about all the recent high-school grads, as well as other young adults, who can't find decent-paying jobs and are forced to put off getting married and starting families? Indeed, how many of these millennial-generation adults live with parents or other relatives? How many earn too little to rent, never mind contemplating the purchase of a starter home?

You can't lift yourself up by your bootstraps if you can't afford a pair of boots. The unemployment and underemployment rates of 20-somethings are worse than disgraceful in a nation that once inspired dreams of opportunity.

Let's make Congress pay attention or boot them out in the next election cycle. Convince them to pass and fund legislation to crisscross this nation with high-speed trains, to repair or replace crumbling infrastructure, to build research and development centers on a grand scale, and create millions of well-paying job opportunities for engineers, scientists, mathematicians, teachers, tradesmen and laborers. Fix what is broken before mainstream America unravels.


Galloway Township

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