Regarding the March 14 editorial, "The Open Public Meeting Act/More sunshine":

I agree there are some good parts and some not so good parts of the bill sponsored by Sen. Loretta Weinberg, D-Bergen, to expand the Open Public Meetings Act. However, the editorial did not mention my greatest concern about this legislation.

The state Legislature continues to exclude itself from such mandates.

For example, subcommittees that are opened to the public would have to be advertised. But the bill's definition of subcommittee includes any subordinate committee of a public body - except the Legislature.

Similarly, the bill would not require the Legislature to keep comprehensive minutes of any of its meetings, nor minutes of any of its subcommittees. There are many other examples because virtually every new proposal in the bill excludes its application to the Legislature.

It seems to me that if transparency is so important, and I believe it is, the Legislature should be leading the way, not excluding itself.