Bias is everywhere. The Fox News Channel trumpets the Republicans' every cause. MSNBC travels so far to the left it needs a GPS to find centerfield. There's print bias in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and the New York Times, to name three. There's talk radio populated with mostly right-wing blabbermouths. There's the more subtle mainstream media slant that feeds us bias in such small increments that we barely know we're devouring it until we're suddenly bloated.

Then, of course, there's the poison that permeates the halls of Congress. Our representatives go through the motions of serving us, providing good theater but not good governing. They stake their territory on the most important issues and then proudly stand in an ocean of cement unwilling to budge or compromise, while spewing forth a well-rehearsed diatribe of phony bluster.

I suggest that we change our philosophy in 2013. Let's vow to keep the bias out of our personal lives. Let's renew friendships with those who voted for the other guy, or those who quote Rush Limbaugh or Al Sharpton. Resolve to be tolerant of the views of others and treat diverse opinions and those who voice them with respect instead of ridicule.

The fact is - as smart as we are - we're not that smart. Our track record regarding accuracy of facts and their interpretation is as spotty as the next person's. If our friends or family espouse a different political philosophy than we do, look past that and continue to embrace such people for the intrinsic decency that you know lives within.

I think that's a good resolution for the new year.

Then we can ignore the politicians and let them bicker, since it seems to be something they really enjoy.


Rio Grande

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