Regarding the proposed dune project in Margate:

Why dictate dunes for the entire state versus making allowances specifically tailored to Margate - particularly when beach property owners don't want the dunes? What if these new dunes don't really work - which is the long-term history of this inadequate effort over the years in New Jersey?

Are the Army Corps of Engineers and/or the state Department of Environmental Protection guaranteeing positive results? Government entities do not guarantee anything. Never have, never will.

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They talked about what the corps did in Mantoloking, but we are interested in our homes in Margate. What about converting our current drainage systems, which are not now doing the job with storms? What about larger bulkheads or a master jetty, etc., etc.?

What happens if the government decides three or four years from now that it is unable, or can't afford, the necessary maintenance on the dunes? Will the government co-insure future storm damage for the members of the Margate community? Let's not forget the government's unspeakable handling of the Katrina debacle and what the Corps of Engineers didn't provide the people of New Orleans.

Can we believe the statement that what is being proposed will last 50 years? What we are being told today by the corps and DEP may not be the truth. No one is to blame - it's just that no one knows what the next storm will create and what the government, the corps and DEP will be able to do.

Enough is enough. No dunes for Margate.



Don't let ocean views

drive dune decision

Margate is the only city on Absecon Island that has not committed to having dunes to protect the city.

When we returned to the island after Hurricane Sandy, we were amazed at the devastation. All beach-block streets were covered in sand. Lawns were buried in sand. All low construction and basements were damaged or destroyed. All this in Margate and Longport. In Ventnor and Atlantic City, the streets were clear. The dunes in those towns did their job.

The question in Margate now is to have the dunes or not, to complete the island's protection or not. The only reason not to is the view. Yes, the view of the ocean that only a few beach-block owners enjoy is supposedly the trade-off for the safety of all the people on the island.

Millions of dollars were spent on repair and cleanup after Sandy because of the lack of dunes. We can expect that damage to be repeated if we let the lost views block the dunes project.

There are funds that will pay for the new dunes, but this fund is only for dunes, not any other device for protection. I can't believe that people in Margate will give up free protection of their property so that a very few can have a view.



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