Regarding the Sept. 9 Associated Press story, "Retiring boss gives final bonus," about the Michigan car dealer who sold his dealership and gave each of his 89 employees $1,000 for every year they had been there:

What a refreshing article to read during a time when longevity and loyalty are ignored, disregarded and disrespected.

Car dealer Howard Cooper is a role model and a true leader in how to demonstrate respect for hard-working and loyal employees. Cooper not only publicly and sincerely thanked his employees for their service to his successful car dealership, he rewarded them monetarily and ensured that the new owners of his dealership would retain all of the employees.

In this day and age, it is rare to find an employer with such loyalty, integrity, reliability and trustworthiness.

Cooper could definitely teach many employers a thing or two. He should serve as an example for others in positions of authority.