Regarding the July 12 letter, "Walkers, consider picking up litter on the roads":

The letter was right on. But I would like to include "Walkers, consider your local bike path and bridges."

I and many others walk the new popular Route 52 causeway bridge as well as the bike path, and yes, I do pick up paper, plastic bottles, empty beer cans and especially plastic material our sea birds and animals could ingest. These areas afford us hours of enjoyment and provide us with beautiful vistas that should not be marred by litter.

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As my mother used to say, "Even if you didn't put it there, pick it up anyway." Once you see litter on the ground, do something about it. All you need to carry in your pocket is a plastic bag from a retail store and a pair of vinyl gloves.

Cities can spend all the money they want to encourage visitors and residents to frequent their locales, but all that spending is wasted if the streets, roads and walking areas are not clean. How many times do you hear the comment from those who have visited other countries or cities and return impressed: "Their cities are so clean"? Our own residents and visitors want and deserve the same - an unlittered environment. And walkers can help. More trash and recycling containers can certainly help also, especially on the causeway bridge.

Granted, I sometimes do feel a bit self-conscious picking up trash. But as Arlo Guthrie sang in "Alice's Restaurant," if there are three people with a cause, there is a movement. Let's start a movement.


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