Elected officials

are paid too much

We Americans must stop overcompensating elected officials and find a way to start cutting back their perks, so they are in line with those of the constituents they represent.

Middle-class Americas and the poor are trying to earn a living, and our officials in Washington are debating each other over how to balance the budget.

Yo, members of Congress, why don't you start by cutting your pay and benefits to be more in line with the rest of America? You are our leaders. Lead by example.


Galloway Township

Facts show Obama

has improved things

Regarding the March 7 letter, "Defender of Obama left out the facts":

Since the writer used the phrase "king" Obama, I know where her "facts" are coming from.

Giving President George W. Bush credit for the capture of Osama bin Laden was just the beginning of the writer's misconceptions.

The auto companies do not still owe billions. That was paid with interest, and the monies not used were returned. And the auto manufacturing industry goes on rather than folding. By the way, Bush gave the first part of the bailout to the automakers before handing over the fallout that President Barack Obama has had to deal with.

The jobs picture and the economy have improved. They would be even better if Congress would act on something once and a while. And don't forget the condition of Europe's economy, which doesn't help, since we are in a global economy.

Lastly, Benghazi: In a country filled with volatile terrorists - in which Congress elected not to protect outposts - one of our consulates was attacked.

I guess the author would prefer the failed economics, foreign policy and security of the previous administration. To borrow a phrase from another letter writer, no thanks.


Mays Landing

America weaker

under Obama

Regarding the March 25 letter, "Obama the opposite of a warmonger":

I think President Barack Obama is just the opposite of a warmonger - to the detriment of our country.

You don't have to be a warmonger to keep our country strong and at peace. When Ronald Reagan was president, he kept our country strong and respected by keeping our armed forces strong. Other countries respected us, the wall dividing Germany came down and we had peace.

Just the opposite now. Obama has downsized our armed forces to the minimum, we are not respected by other countries and the world is in turmoil. In 2012, unaware that his microphone was on, Obama was overheard telling Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, "After my election I have more flexibility."

After World War ll, we said we would never let what Adolf Hitler did happen again. Well, guess what? It is happening again in Ukraine.


Long Beach Township

BPU was right

to nix windmills

Regarding the March 22 story, "Board of Public Utilities decision means N.J. left behind on wind energy":

We need to rejoice at the decision of the BPU to reject an offshore wind energy project. To say we are missing out on jobs from building these wind farms is shortsighted.

The cost to build offshore windmills is prohibitive. They need continual repair and maintenance, which will cost more than will be gained in energy production. They will be paid for through your electric bill.

To my knowledge, electricity costs have not been reduced anywhere that windmills have been installed.

Remember President Barack Obama's promise that making the change to green/renewable energy will make electric bills "necessarily skyrocket."

I am happy to be "left behind."


Egg Harbor Township

Arguments for pipeline

don't hold water

Regarding state Sen. Jeff Van Drew's March 11 column, "Pinelands Commission must revisit pipeline vote":

I am a Democrat who has no position about the proposed natural-gas pipeline through the pinelands, but I was appalled and embarrassed by the shallow arguments offered by Van Drew.

Cape May County's unemployment rate was the same during the 1990s, when the B.L. England power plant was in full operation. Why would increasing the number of days the plant is operational significantly increase employment now?

The argument that building the pipeline would create construction jobs down here is just silly. Yes, some construction jobs would result, but they would be temporary, and there is no guarantee the contracts would be given to local companies. Contracts for most large projects in the area are not.

It is ridiculous to think we need that plant in order to ensure adequate power over the coming decades. We get our electricity from the PJM grid, which serves 13 states and has hundreds of power plants. And more are already being built.

Where has Van Drew been for the last 40 years? Is he is completely ignorant of how grids work?

If Van Drew is the best that the Democratic Party can offer, we deserve to lose elections.


Del Haven

Fully fund pensions,

bring them in-house

It is so wonderful that Gov. Chris Christie has decided to contribute $2.25 billion to the state pension funds. What a grand gesture. He should be nominated for sainthood.

Christie has no choice but to make the pension payment, especially since he promoted this when he ran for re-election.

It goes unmentioned that Gov. James McGreevy privatized the management of the pension funds to cut the state budget, despite New Jersey's state-employee-run pension funds being among of the highest-rated funds in our country. There were no operational costs to the funds when they were run by state employees. Now, with private managers doing the investing, we are being charged millions of dollar. And guess who is making this money? Yup, friends of the governor.

It is time to go back to having state employees run our pension funds, making the governor fund these pensions and ending the practice of paying fees to his fat-cat friends.


Fort Myers, Fla.

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