LEHT Planning Board

lacks transparency

Recently, I was at a meeting of the Little Egg Harbor Township Planning Board about the renewal of a nonconforming land use. The public in attendance expected to hear details about what the applicant was doing to comply with public health and safety criteria.

The applicant wanted to keep secret the information contained in an engineer's report - and he was able to, without intervention by the board. Questions from the public were met with hostility.

Where is the transparency in our government bodies?

The New Jersey Public Interest Research Group just gave the state a C+ on transparency involving government spending. The lack of disclosure and ethics in our governmental bodies harms our citizens.


Little Egg Harbor Township

Ruling on athletes

raises several questions

Regarding the recent ruling by a National Labor Relations Board regional director that Northwestern's college athletes should be considered employees:

While I admire the attempt to protect the athletes, I wonder if any consideration was given to the consequences of the athletes being employees?

Does that mean athletes should be responsible for all costs associated with their college educations? I would expect that if the athletes are employees, the scholarships would be eliminated, as well as any other financial considerations they currently receive.

I would also like to believe that any financial benefit they receive would be taxable, just as they are for employees of any other institution.


Egg Harbor Township

MLB more boring

with replay rule

How's that replay rule working out for Major League Baseball?

There are a few more accurate calls on the base paths. But there are still dozens of questionable calls of balls and strikes, which is where a technological aid could be of use, similar to the electronic line calls employed in tennis.

On the downside, baseball has lost some drama and excitement. When you see a questionable call in today's baseball world, what happens? A manager leisurely strolls onto the field with exemplary deportment and waits for the signal from the dugout whether to challenge the call or not. No need to lose your temper and no need to hurry. No need to stomp around, rant and rave, kick bases or resort to biting off the umpire's nose. No need for the crowd to cheer and jeer as they instead sit back quietly and watch the umpires standing around.

People have often said that baseball is boring and too slow. Congrats then to the big honchos in charge who have seen a problem and ignored it while addressing a nonexistent one. Now baseball games are even slower and suddenly less dramatic. And they said it couldn't be done. That's what I call losing a doubleheader.


Rio Grande

Hamilton Committee

stands up for veterans

On April 7, Hamilton Township became one of the few municipalities in the state to take steps to award public contracts to veteran enterprises or to businesses that agree to hire veterans to do the work.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Department of Labor recently announced that New Jersey was in the unenviable position of having the worst veteran-unemployment numbers in our nation.

The passage of this local ordinance won't change those numbers overnight. Veteran unemployment is a serious problem, one that may get worse as the war in Afghanistan winds down and the military downsizes.

But the courage shown by Mayor Roger Silva, Deputy Mayor Amy Gatto, Committeewoman Judy Link and Committeeman Rodney Guishard (Committeewoman Aline Dix was absent) in passing this ordinance is worthy of commendation. The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 825 salutes this effort and extends a "well done" to the members of the committee who supported it.

We also thank those veterans and veterans advocates who worked hard to see this effort succeed.

There is more work to be done. But we have a renewed faith that those in government, when given a clear choice, are able to make a decision we can all honor. Our pride in serving our nation was bolstered by the actions of the committee.



Vietnam Veterans of America

Chapter 825

Egg Harbor Township

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