Windmills won't stop

outages from storms

Regarding the March 28 letter, "BPU was wrong to reject wind power ":

The writer bemoaned the Board of Public Utilities' decision to reject the Fisherman's Energy offshore wind project, asserting that this added capacity would mitigate power outages from major storms. But the problem with storms is not the source of energy but the power distribution system, which is mainly vulnerable above-ground wires.

While building a wind farm will not alter storm-outage problems, I am for adding capacity in any form, including nuclear and fossil fuels. Regarding the latter, have we done enough research toward improving pollution from such sources? I seriously doubt it. But we will not make progress there if we abandon economical fossil fuels and give up.

Wind and solar cannot replace the 24/7/365 demand that is our power reality, although they could be excellent supplemental sources.

Decentralizing generating capacity may be one way to avoid storm problems. Imagine a future when every home and every industrial complex has its own source of power - no miles of vulnerable overhead wires from source to user.


Cape May Court House

Signing birthright bill

will correct injustice

The New Jersey birthright bill, S873, which will grant citizens who were adopted the right to access their own birth certificates, awaits Gov. Chris Christie's signature.

Despite the fact that no promises of anonymity were made to birth parents, this bill allows the parents of birth the ability to request direct contact, contact through an intermediary or no contact.

The time is long overdue to end discrimination against adoptees. Denying adopted people the same rights enjoyed by all other state residents regarding the ability to access their birth records is treating them as a subclass of citizen.

Denying adopted people equal protection of the laws also constitutes unwarranted interference with the right of people to choose whether to associate.

This bill rights a wrong while protecting the very small percent of people who may have concerns about being contacted. Governor Christie, right this injustice.



Why I am leaving

Buena Vista Committee

For 15 years I proudly served as Committeewoman of Buena Vista Township. However, because I will not be seeking re-election, I believe the public deserves an explanation.

For the first 12 of those years, I staunchly supported Chuck Chiarello, including his revitalization of Richland Village. In 2011, some members of Township Committee realized he was acting without input from the majority of the committee.

He overpaid for derelict properties, communicated with the Atlantic County Utilities Authority about constructing Richland wastewater treatment facilities and contracted for expensive engineering and design work, none of which served the interests of the taxpayers.

Because I and former Committeemen Michael Rivera, Peter Bylone and Richard Harlan opposed his sewer plans, we became the subject of relentless attacks directed by Chiarello. Because those attacks misled the public, our community lost the services of true public servants.

As the only member left on Township Committee questioning Chiarello's agenda, I am often excluded from decision making.

I will serve out my term and remain active in Township affairs. I want to sincerely thank all who supported me throughout my years of service. It has been my pleasure.



Host and promote

family events in A.C.

Regarding the March 29 story, "Flying feet meet shuffling zombies at Atlantic City martial arts expo":

The Chinese Kung Fu and Karate Expo 8 is an example of the kind of events Atlantic City should be hosting and publicizing. More than 90 percent of billboards going into the city are strictly promoting gambling. No billboards promote the family activities going on.

Atlantic City can either create and publicize events such as this or put up the signs that say "closed."

Smarten up and do something to bring more people into town.


Galloway Township

Custodians are essential

in school emergencies

Regarding the March 19 story, "Hamilton Township: Janitor switch to cost 30 jobs":

In April 1999, I was tasked by Ocean City Police Chief Robert Blevin with developing a comprehensive protocol to respond to an event such as the massacre at Columbine High School, which had just occurred.

Lt. Scott Adams and I spent the better part of six months attending seminars and developing a school response protocol. We trained all city police officers, teachers, support staff and administration - and all students at the high school - in the lockdown protocol.

Key players within the school were identified who could help in the response plan. The common denominator in every seminar was that school custodians were considered of paramount importance.

Why? No one is more familiar with every square inch of a school. Custodians know how to turn off power and gas lines. Their expertise is vital.

I would recommend that the Hamilton Township Board of Education reconsider replacing these valuable employees. Their knowledge goes way beyond an hourly employee's and would be instrumental in ensuring a positive outcome in a high-risk response, something everyone hopes will never happen.


Ocean City

Jon Werley is a retired lieutenant of the Ocean City Police Department.

Bridgegate revelations

continue to disturb

Regarding the March 28 story, "Christie cleared in lane closings":

News flash - defense attorney claims client not guilty! The governor touts his legal team's conclusions as proof that he had nothing to do with the George Washington Bridge debacle and strong-arming other political figures. This report is more befitting a skit on "Saturday Night Live" than the real world. The problem is the joke is on us.

The report did contain disturbing revelations regarding the atmosphere in the Statehouse. In the March 30 story, "Exhibits show Team Christie vitriol," Christie's press secretary is credited with writing about a figure in the Bridgegate scandal, "I could claw his eyes out, pour gasoline in the sockets and light him up."

What kind of a mind envisions such a thing? I have heard of similar tactics being used by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The ideas and behavior of Christie, the CEO of our state, and his minions are chilling. Thank goodness hubris reared its ugly head and the governor and his familiars have been exposed as the thugs they really are. God have mercy on us and the world if these ruthless individuals were ever to lead our country.


Ocean City


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