Dunes another example

of government overreach

I wonder what would happen if we had something here like the recent situation in Nevada, where a rancher and his supporters stood together to oppose the Bureau of Land Management. Would folks here see this as government overreach too? What if the Big Government was the state of New Jersey? What if the "ranch" was a small municipality here at the Jersey shore?

The residents of Margate voted by a significant margin to not have dunes placed on their beaches. They're not convinced the dunes are the great protectors some claim them to be, and they probably have a point. Margate residents are simply saying they want to avoid the costly and problematic dunes, take other precautions and assume whatever risk their decision entails. But Gov. Chris Christie is determined to build dunes along the entire Jersey shore, whether local residents like it or not. Is this the state's call, or should the local folks have the final word?

On another level, why should non-local taxpayers be forced to fund dunes? The communities pay a very small percentage of the cost. The Army Corps of Engineers gets the money from somewhere - taxpayers from areas nowhere near the ocean pay the majority of the bill.

Dunes on the beaches aren't the same as grazing rights in Nevada, but both exemplify concerns about overreaching government. I wonder what would happen if the folks in Margate decide to protest and oppose efforts to start the dunes if the bulldozers start moving in. Would local folks stand in support of our neighbors as they did in Nevada? Would our sheriff and local officials support the local residents - or the state?



Nothing to hide?

Then why take Fifth?

Regarding the April 19 column by liberal Margaret Carlson, "Congress ignores the real IRS scandal," which said former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner is being unfairly accused in this IRS scandal:

Would Carlson please explain why, if Lerner has nothing to hide, she is refusing to answer any of the congressmen's questions and is taking the Fifth Amendment. Hmm.


Long Beach Township

One more reason

to hate Comcast

Regarding the April 18 story, "NBC to drop TV40 as affiliate":

Comcast, which owns NBC-Universal, has tightened its monopolistic grip on South Jersey by dropping WMGM-TV40 as an NBC affiliate after a 48-year association.

I'm sure David L. Cohen, the political gladhanding executive vice president of Comcast, would be willing to tell us how great this is going to be for the region. It certainly will be great for NBC Channel 10 in Philadelphia, with the elimination TV40.

What will become of TV news, sports and weather reports in our area? Will they be reduced to Philadelphia stations doing silly summer weather reports from the sunny Boardwalk in Ocean City and the occasional horrible double homicide?

There's a reason people hate Comcast.


Egg Harbor Township

Wawa undercuts

local gas stations

Regarding the April 18 editorial, "Wawa's 50th anniversary/Setting an example":

I, like many others, use Wawa regularly for food, drink and the occasional pit stop. However, I do not buy gas from Wawa, as the company is quickly putting local gas retailers out of business.

Due to Wawa's financial resources, it consistently undercuts other gas stations until they close. Recent examples of closings can be seen in Somers Point, Linwood and Marmora. Then, Wawa raises its prices back up to or higher than before.

If this pattern continues, South Jersey will be buying fuel exclusively from Wawa as a monopoly, with no competition to moderate prices. Wise up, South Jersey, and support your local gas stations before it's too late.


Egg Harbor Township

Please, put simulcasts

back on Boardwalk

As a frequent visitor to Atlantic City, I'm upset that the only simulcasting horse parlor is at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. I don't understand the logic of shutting down all simulcasts on the Boardwalk.

I'm asking that one casino on the Boardwalk open a horse facility soon. Having to travel back and forth to the Borgata from the Boardwalk is prehistoric in 2014.


Glens Falls, N.Y.

Ignore federal law

on sports betting

When is a law not a law? It is against federal law to sell marijuana for recreational use, yet Colorado and Washington allow it with no federal interference. So why can't the state of New Jersey sign up for the same "look the other way" law-enforcement practices that these states receive when it comes to our quest for sports betting? I say lets crank open those sports-betting windows and see what happens. Sometimes you just have to ask yourself, "What would Nucky Johnson do?"



Pipeline critics rely

on misinformation

Every day it seems there is another letter in Voice of the People stating that we don't need the natural-gas pipeline, that we don't need the B.L. England power plant, and that we must save our "pristine Pinelands." Most of these comments are based on misinformation and are made by well-meaning people who should have checked the depth of the water before they jumped off the bridge.

We all agree that the Pine Barrens need to be protected, but has anyone looked into the actual impact that the pipeline would have? The impact is the loss of a handful of trees. And everyone seems to think that solar and wind power are the solution, but they are not cost-effective. How many people have decorative solar lights in their yards or gardens? During the shorter days of winter, do they notice that these lights can't store enough power to remain lit throughout the night?


Cape May Court House

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