We can all help improve

job prospects for youths

I have read many complaints about the lack of paid summer work in our area. Let's offer some solutions and put an end to the blame game.

Let's encourage young people to volunteer. Internships and volunteer work build experience that college admissions boards and future employers strongly consider.

Let's encourage young folks to start small businesses. Job creators are as valuable as wage earners.

Consider offering a day job to a young person in your family or community, such as completing chores, selling goods, cleaning house or offering services to the elderly.

Now is the time to teach the next generation about the importance of saving, budgets, the purpose of credit and other economic lessons.

While summer work is important, let's look for ways to build a more year-round economy.

And let's ask ourselves what we can do now for the young folks who need to save money for college. We can support scholarships based on merit. We can support reforms of student loans. We can find ways to make college and higher education more affordable for young folks and their families.

There are many ways to solve the problem, so let's stop blaming the lack of low-wage summer work and start creating real solutions.



U.S. should be proud

of 1953 coup in Iran

Regarding the Aug. 21 Associated Press story, "CIA discloses role in 1953 Iran coup":

This story is the usual left-wing version of events, highlighted by a comment that Shah Reza Pahlavi led an oppressive government - implying it was replaced by a kinder one.

For the record, the CIA overthrew a communist-leaning nation to keep our Cold War enemy from gaining a foothold in a strategic oil-producing area. We should be thankful for what the CIA did. It was a win for us.

The left does the same thing concerning Egypt, positioning us as bad guys because we supported replacing a democratically elected leader. There are times such leaders should be replaced. The best example is the democratically elected leader of Germany in 1933, Adolf Hitler.

The Democratic Party is just too naive to be trusted with our national security. Look at the mess it is in now, thanks to President Barack Obama and his supporters. There are only two choices today regarding Egypt: Support the military, which is like being in the frying pan, or support the Muslim Brotherhood and be in the fire. The latter spawned al-Qaida and assassinated Anwar Sadat, the Egyptian president who was bringing peace to the area.



Contraception weakens

relationships, society

We hear that the answer to the world's problems is contraception. Is that true?

Pope Paul VI wrote in his 1968 Humanae Vitae encyclical that artificial birth control "could open wide the way for marital infidelity and a general lowering of moral standards." He said God is the source of life and quoted Pope John XXIII, saying "life is sacred."

Despite his warnings, these predictions are now evident. In a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study, 34 percent of high school students reported being sexually active in the past 90 days. One in four sexually active adolescents will be infected with a sexually transmitted disease by age 21. Of course there is the well-known statistic of our 50 percent divorce rate. And tragically, legal abortion has led to the death of more than 55 million babies.

In using conception, couples place a barrier between themselves. Instead of giving 100 percent to each other, they leave out the miracle of children. The relationship becomes one of mutual pleasure, instead of the incredible life-giving covenant of marriage.

When contraception fails, sometimes a baby is now in the picture. So the young man who has learned little of responsibility, respect or devotion may leave. Now we have many single moms having to support themselves and children. They are a big part of our poverty statistics.

A platonic courtship more likely will lead to the discovery of each other's hearts and save the beauty of physical intimacy to the rightful place of a holy marriage. This will bring forth a more stable environment for our children.


Galloway Township

Margate needs a report

on bulkheads, groins

At a meeting in Margate on Aug. 15, representatives from the Army Corps of Engineers advocated building dunes as the best way to protect Margate from future storms.

The hand-out material said that alternate approaches - building groins and raising the bulkheads - were considered and rejected.

I believe Margate citizens would make a more informed decision on the November referendum if professionals who have experience with groins and bulkheads would present their views on these structures.



Media, president ignore

murder of Christians

Christians guilty of no crime other than being followers of Jesus in an Islamic country are being murdered in Egypt in ways reminiscent of the Nazi slaughter of Jews.

Yet this is ignored by our golfing president and downplayed by the major news outlets. It is not hard to imagine how different the news coverage and presidential pronouncements would be if the murders were by Christians against Muslims.

But can we really expect any other outcome from a media that takes sides rather than reports the news?


Mays Landing

Hogging left lane

is more than annoying

Regarding the Aug. 20 editorial, "Driving in New Jersey/Hike speed limits?":

I think this editorial is wrong when it says violators of the stay-right law are simply annoying. They are hazards. I have seen accidents and many near-accidents caused by drivers who seem oblivious to staying in the right lane. They cruise along below the speed limit, ignoring signs and the drivers behind them. I suspect tickets are rarely, if ever, given to drivers violating this law.

Changing lanes is never totally safe, and it becomes very unsafe when an agitated driver tries to get past a slow vehicle by going back into the right lane. Right side view mirrors especially have blind spots. The police should strictly enforce "keep right, pass left" and make our roads more safe.



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