Don't divide Ventnor

with recall movement

When my husband and I received an anonymous recall letter about Ventnor Mayor Mike Bagnell, we were shocked that fair people could act in such a way. The letter stated that there was no bitterness over the results of the last election, but we find that hard to believe.

We attended a general meeting shortly after the last election, and there were people threatening to recall Bagnell even then. There was so much hostility toward the mayor that it was hard to ignore.

I hate to see our community divided over an issue that doesn't exist. Hurricane Sandy left people afraid, confused and frustrated. Bagnell should not be made a scapegoat. He didn't cause the storm. He was handed far more problems than anyone could anticipate. Certainly, it would be better to work with the commissioners, not against them.

The needless money that would be spent on this foolish recall could be more wisely used to help people who are still suffering as a result of Sandy.



Letter was wrong

about my campaign

Regarding the Aug. 5 letter, "Negative campaigning always fails in 1st District":

I always find it interesting when people make wild accusations about me - or pretend to know my motives for being a Republican candidate for state Senate in the 1st District. It's probably why so many regular people - from both parties - are turned off by politics today and don't want to put themselves out there. But, as a business owner and mother of two children who are growing up in an area where the unemployment rate is the highest in the state, I thought it was time for someone from the real world to step up to the plate to tackle the lack of year-round jobs our area has faced for some time.

It's also unfortunate that some people, like the letter writer, think that just because I am the first woman candidate for state Senate from either party in our district, I would need "handlers" to tell me what to think or how to run my campaign. While I am certainly appreciative of support from everyone, from party leaders to the hardworking volunteers, I can assure you that there is only one person in charge of my campaign - me.

Whenever people on the campaign trail wish me "good luck," I am quick to say that luck will have very little to do with defeating an entrenched incumbent. It's all about meeting people, shaking their hands, listening to their concerns and sharing a common vision for how to address those concerns. There are no shortcuts to victory, and there won't be any shortcuts to solving the serious economic and fiscal problems facing our state.


Upper Township

Get a locked-in rate

to save on electricity

Regarding the Aug. 8 letter, "Third-party supplier overprices electricity":

I am an associate with one of those third-party suppliers. With electricity, the cheapest way to go is to lock into a fixed rate, either for six months or two years. The locked-in rate is about 9 cents per kilowatt-hour. Atlantic City Electric gets up to about 14.11 cents.

Once your locked-in rate expires, you must call the company and lock in again. Otherwise you go to a variable rate, which can be as much as or more than Atlantic City Electric. If you make sure you stay locked in, you will save money.


Egg Harbor Township

Don't import workers

when youths need jobs

With teenage unemployment at more than 20 percent, black teenage unemployment at 30 percent, and welfare checks going out at a record pace, why are businesses pushing for more visas for low-skill workers?

Our laws need some major revamping. We don't need more immigration until we solve the unemployment problem of our American youth.


North Wildwood

Congress has failed

to serve the nation

Do you ever wonder why we can land spacecraft on Mars and take pictures, yet we can't manufacture cars that get 100 miles per gallon?

Do you ever wonder why you have to choose between doing something with your family, such as taking them out to dinner, or filling up your car with gas?

Do you ever wonder why members of Congress don't seem to realize they voted to send manufacturing and other jobs to China and other countries, and these large manufacturing companies simply won't be back to employ the American people?

Do you ever wonder why college students can't find summer jobs on the Boardwalk, while the lion's share of summer jobs are taken by foreign students?

Do you ever wonder why there is no money to fix our crumbling infrastructure, yet we can go into other countries like Iraq and Afghanistan to perform nation building for them?

Wake up, Congress, and knock off the nonsense and partisan politics. Do what you were elected to do and serve the American people - not yourselves.

America is getting dangerously close to financial bankruptcy, and Congress has already achieved moral bankruptcy. It is like Nero fiddling while Rome burned.


Estell Manor

Pallone lost primary,

but he's still a winner

While U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone, D-6th, was not successful in his U.S. Senate bid, that does not diminish his record or legacy in Congress. Whether it be advocating for a higher minimum wage, supporting initiatives to make health care more affordable or protecting our oceans, Pallone has long been a dynamic leader for the shore region.

There is a reason he won Monmouth County in the primary and why we are very thankful to have him as our congressman.


Ocean Township

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