We are being distracted

from our real problems

I'm sick of distractions.

While the nation is imploding with debt on all levels, both governmental and private, we are treated daily to a variety of distractions. Gun control, sexual orientation, professional sports, Hollywood entertainment, the supposed war on women, a rash of political scandals and, most recently, the hyped-up reporting of a trial that should have been a local issue in Florida are all highlighted to keep the people occupied and their minds away from our real problems.

Politicians and bureaucrats, with the help of the major media outlets, are happy to keep our minds boggled with these diversions while they make backroom deals and rob us of the fruits of our labor, our property rights and, most important, our liberty.

They hope to succeed in dividing us into factions that can easily be controlled. The use of hate, race and morality or the lack thereof are powerful tools to employ against us. None of us is immune to these distractions, but we should at least become aware of what is being done to us. These tactics have been used by the ruling class throughout history to keep the masses in check. The greatest example of this was the Roman Empire, the fall of which ushered the world into the Dark Ages.

United, we can support freedom. Divided, we will all take our own separate paths on the road to serfdom. Once there, we can individually contemplate our collective failure to recognize the beast.



Casinos are about fun;

Borgata made good call

Regarding the Aug. 8 letter, "Borgata Babes deserve better":

People go to the casinos for entertainment and fun. It is a night out. They want to be surrounded in luxury and impressed with beautiful things they don't have in their everyday lives.

Look at Revel Casino-Hotel - it is magnificent. The same goes for Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Harrah's Resort, Caesars Atlantic City, etc. - and beautiful women are a big part of that. I do not want a 60-plus grandma strutting in high heels and a skimpy costume serving my drinks. I will go where I am treated to "eye candy." That is part of the entertainment.

Remember Playboy? How about Hooters? It is not about sex; it is about enjoyment. Borgata has every right to have rules and conditions. I agree with the casino 100 percent.


Somers Point

Simkins should serve

his entire sentence

On Dec. 4, 2012, William Simkins was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison for leaving the scene of a fatal accident that claimed the life of 16-year-old Jake Broschard.

Now, just four months into his prison sentence, Simkins is eligible and has applied for the state's Residential Community Release program. If accepted into this program, his time in prison would be over.

I believe this man should serve every minute of the sentence handed to him. He is clearly a menace to society, as his record shows. Simkins' record includes nine arrests, a multitude of vehicular offenses and a domestic violence incident.

Whatever happened to "You do the crime, you do the time"? Where is the justice for Jake's family and friends? Where is the justice for Jake?


Egg Harbor Township

Send new bunker plan

back to drawing board

Regarding the Aug. 5 story, " Bunker law snags Del. Bay crabbers":

I have been a licensed commercial fisherman in New Jersey for 29 years. The newly proposed bunker fishing regulations need to be dismissed and rethought.

In 2000, I opened a business, "Eric's Bait & Boats," with the intention of selling live, fresh or frozen bunker. My father, George, would catch bunker and directly unload on my dock into live pens and my freezers. There were no reporting requirements for this bait fishery. When these bunker were sold, they were sold to individuals going striped bass fishing or crabbing. I also used them in my own minnow pots to catch bait for flounder fishermen.

I do not have any weigh-out slips regarding these bunker. What I do have is seven years' worth of tax returns showing sales tax paid back to the state on the sale of these fish.

I sold my business and currently do not retail any bunker. But if I were to get back into this business, I would be excluded from harvesting more than 100 pounds of bunker at a time. This new management plan was poorly conceived and written, and it will hurt many fishermen .


Barnegat Light

GOP obstructionism

isn't anything new

The political logjam that President Barack Obama is facing is nothing new. Ever since Franklin Roosevelt and the Democrats changed the ethos in 1932, the New Deal has been the standard by which both political parties have governed.

Republicans have been fighting to regain the hegemony their party had enjoyed since 1858. The party didn't need new ideas, because they represented the establishment. Landowners and business tycoons ruled the nation through the GOP.

By 1932, working people became a political force, challenged the establishment and were victorious.

Republicans have produced no new ideas since the 19th century. Their answer to the New Deal and other Democratic initiatives has been implacable opposition to enfranchising workers.

Fortunately, the nation has prospered and progressed in spite of this opposition because New Deal verities are irrevocable. Nobody wants to go backward.

We need a new party with new ideas to replace the party with no ideas.


Egg Harbor Township

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