Clear health care choice

between the candidates

Republicans are saying that the Affordable Care Act is raiding $716 billion from Medicare. The fact is that this money is a projected reduction in future costs over 10 years. Medicare will spend less due to cost-saving measures introduced by the Obama administration.

Almost none of these savings will affect those on Medicare. However, if Obamacare is repealed, as Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have vowed to do, seniors with high drug costs will pay more, and seniors will lose a variety of free preventive-care options such as immunizations, mammograms and colonoscopies.

The Democratic position is to keep Medicare as a guaranteed set of benefits. Projected cost reductions will mostly come through creating efficiencies.

The Republican position is to limit government spending to a defined level. If the voucher does not cover the cost of coverage, individual seniors must make up the difference or do without. The independent Congressional Budget Office estimates that under the Ryan plan, the out-of-pocket expenses for a senior at age 65 would be an additional $6,400. At 75, the additional cost is estimated at $12,000. At 77, $14,000.

The upcoming election is hugely important in determining the kind of world we will live in. If you like Medicare as it is now, vote Democratic. If you want to go find coverage for yourself in the open market and pay $6,400 to $14,000 out of pocket each year, vote Republican.

Finally, if the Republican plan is so good, why are they waiting 10 years to implement it?


Surf City

A president needs more

than 'likability factor'

The Democrats are banking on the "likability factor" to win re-election for President Barack Obama.

I also like him. And the Three Stooges, too. However, I am not going to trust the economy to be managed by a group of clowns. Moreover, my vote will go with the ones more like my dentist, a trained professional most likely to relieve me of my ultimate pain. That's the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan team.



Neil Armstrong

deserves state funeral

The last time the United States had a state funeral for someone other than a former president was in 1964 when Gen. Douglas MacArthur passed away.

I feel that Neil Armstrong should be granted a state funeral. Not only was he the First American on the moon, but he was the first man from Earth to set foot on a celestial body.

On July, 20,1969, he united not only Americans but the entire family of man. He was a humble hero. He didn't crave the spotlight, as celebrities, athletes and politicians do today. Before he entered the space program he flew combat missions in Korea.

Politics should be put aside in this matter and no candidates should use this occasion for showboating. When Armstrong set foot on the lunar surface 43 years ago, he did it for all mankind, and he should be remembered that way.


Atlantic City

Revel's success

will take time

Congratulations to Revel for raising an additional $100 million in operating capital. At a cost of $2.5 billion, Revel is the most expensive casino in Atlantic City and the most ambitious casino ever built outside Las Vegas. The resort is not targeting the typical blue-collar visitor, but rather is promoting itself as a five-star resort aimed at a different demographic. It will take years to build that type of clientele, because that type of individual is a rarity in Atlantic City today.

A storm last fall destroyed the beach in front of the casino. On top of trying to overcome the near collapse of the economy, Revel faced a grand opening weekend that saw the double murder of two women on one of the city's most prominent commercial streets.

Revel can spend $10 million funding a world-class Beyonce concert weekend, but it cannot overcome decades of political mismanagement that have allowed deranged, homeless individuals to roam Atlantic City streets. Atlantic City continues to reap what it sows.

As anyone who has walked through Revel knows, it has many visitors who are atypical of Atlantic City. But filling a 7 million-square-foot facility with a target market that does not currently exist in Atlantic City is a multiyear undertaking.

We'll know in five years whether Revel is successful in meeting its lofty goals. As someone who has a high level of respect for risk-takers, my support and best wishes are with the current management team. Thank you, Kevin DeSanctis.



Scannapieco Development Corp.

New Hope, Pa.

Tom Scannapieco is the developer of the Bella condominium project in Atlantic City.

Why give government

more responsibility?

If the unemployment rate were zero, if the rate of inflation were zero, if the crime rate were zero, if the high school graduation rate and the literacy rate were 100 percent, if the infrastructure were in good shape, if all of the environmental and pollution problems were solved, if there was no hunger, if the war on poverty had been won, if the energy problem had been solved, if there was no national debt, if all of the governmental financial obligations were on a sound and firm basis and if the government had been responsible for all of the solutions, then it would make sense to give the government additional responsibilities.

But the unemployment rate and the inflation rate are not zero; the crime rate is not zero; the high school graduation rate and the literacy rate are not 100 percent; the infrastructure is not in good shape; there is a national debt; governmental financial obligations are not sound or firm; there is hunger, and the war on poverty and the energy problem have not been solved after 40 years.

But the government wants additional responsibilities and duties. Would you hire someone with that track record to do a job for you? I don't think it makes sense.

Why should anyone ask for more responsibilities, to be in charge of more things, when the previous work is not finished? Show some concrete examples of a problem actually being solved, instead of blaming someone else for it, which is usually what happens, and which cannot and will not ever solve a problem.

"The wise seek solutions; the ignorant cast blame" is a quote from the "Book of Tao, by Lao Tzu.


Galloway Township

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