Column was unfair

to older professors

Regarding the Aug. 9 column by Mark Bauerlein, a professor of English at Emory University, "Lifetime tenure stifles higher-ed," about the injustice done to the university system and college students by the continued employment of older educators:

Bauerlein spoke of tenure being at the heart of the problem, and that once a teacher gains tenure he becomes ensconced in the system for life if he so chooses. He spoke of elderly professors teaching such arcane and useless subjects as Latin, French and German. He cited statistics demonstrating somewhat lower enrollments in those particular areas.

I thought exposure to languages from other countries piqued our interest in and understanding of folks from places around the world. Be that as it may, my problem with Bauerlein's piece was his tone. He criticized his fellow teachers because of their ages. With a broad brushstroke, he painted older educators as useless and detrimental to the academic process. He indicated the only reason most of these folks were still teaching was because they were protected by tenure.

What a vicious attack. Bauerlein's article was a terrible affront to educators.


Ocean City

Recall movement

unnecessary in Ventnor

When I received the letter from 20 voters in Ventnor asking whether I agreed with a recall of Mayor Mike Bagnell, my initial reaction was no and is still no based on the fact I have seen no malfeasance by Bagnell. In fact, after doing a comparison with the previous administration, I see some better fiscal practices under Bagnell.

As a person who has worked in local government and in an emergency operations center during a hurricane and a tornado, I have concerns about our outdated facilities and emergency radio system in Ventnor and, presumably, the whole county. But this is no fault of Bagnell's.

Hurricane Sandy was and still is a very emotional event. But I do not believe any decisions made by Bagnell during or after Sandy warrant a recall.

I read that one of the 20 letter writers said she feared what her taxes were going to be next year. I do not see how fear of the unknown is a reason for a recall. I have more of a fear of the Atlantic County taxes going sky high because of lost revenue from decreased assessments in Atlantic City.

It is time people put the best interest of Ventnor first instead of politics. There are so many great things happening in Ventnor by a lot of volunteer groups with support of the business community. Kudos, especially, to the North Beach Residents Committee.

All three Ventnor commissioners have good ideas and supporters with good ideas. Let's work together, not against each other. Please stop the recall initiative.



Atlantic City residents

•eed a new mayor

As a resident and homeowner in Atlantic City for 13 years now, I can no longer sit back and remain silent about our city government. When I opened my tax bill recently, I was shocked to see the enormous increase in my property taxes.

It is bad enough that, like most people today, I am working harder for much less money. However, when I must continue to write checks to a local government that refuses to control its spending, control crime, offer those outside the Tourism District clean streets and mend relationships with those outside the city able to provide help with all of the above, I can no longer sit back in silence and leave our city's fate in the hands of someone else. I must get involved.

This is why I have decided to support and work for Republican mayoral candidate Don Guardian and his team. I know they are our best chance to reverse our current downward spiral and right our ship.

The residents of Atlantic City need a new voice with a fresh perspective and a proven track record to lead our city.


Atlantic City

Chamber head right

about moving forward

Regarding the Aug. 11 column by Victor Nappen, the new chairman of the Atlantic City Chamber, "Accentuate the positive to help Atlantic City grow":

Nappen is right. It is time to think about what Atlantic City can and should be instead of what it was and pining for the "good old days." The days of monopolizing the gaming industry on the East Coast are, obviously, past. It is important to think of strategies and entrepreneurial ideas to progress within the new competitive parameters.

Nappen lists a number of examples of measures that different casinos are taking to improve and market our local product. Attaining success in this new world will not be easy, but nothing worthwhile is.



Keep dogs leashed

and protect them

I am shaking with rage after reading the Aug. 12 letter, "Bystanders amazing after 'Dog Beach' attack."

The owner of an 11-month-old puppy obviously let it off the leash on a beach with lots of other unknown dogs. What kind of a dog owner would throw caution to the wind and just assume all dogs are meek and mild mannered?

Dogs should be leashed when in public. Dog owners, wake up. Protect the dog that is entrusted to your care.




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