What does military

say about Benghazi?

I am a former Marine and a Vietnam veteran. I understand the allegiance a soldier or sailor would have for their president. But what do we do when our commander in chief and the secretary of state tell the grieving families of those fallen heroes from Benghazi that their deaths were about a video, knowing that their deaths had nothing to do with a video?

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They say this lie to the grieving family members and repeat it over and over. Why is the military silent over this disgraceful lie put out by our commander in chief?

Where was Seal Team Six? Where were our special-ops members? I know they could have been sent to Benghazi. I know they wanted to be sent to Benghazi. Even if they might have arrived too late, they wanted to try.

To not have even tried is unthinkable to me as a Marine and as an American. That is not what we do. We go. We try. We fight. And sometimes we die. But that's what we do.

To not have even received the order to go or, worse, to have been ordered not to go is unthinkable. Any leader giving such an order should step down or be brought to justice for turning his back on the heroes who died on that night. God bless our military. They deserve better. They should speak up - like this Marine just did.


Mays Landing

Finally, Obama's lies

are becoming clear

Are Americans finally waking up to President Barack Obama's deceitfulness? He has been caught in so many lies, even the liberal Washington Post recently gave Obama four Pinocchios.

There's the Internal Revenue Service scandal of targeting conservatives, the Justice Department's secret seizure of Associated Press telephone records, and the deliberate altering of the truth for political purposes about the terrorist attack on our Benghazi consulate, resulting in four deaths.

And guess what? Obama never knew what was going on and isn't to blame for any of this.

Give me a break. As president, is he in charge or not?

A brilliant political strategist, Obama is exceedingly good at playing head games with the uninformed. He's quite adept at straddling an issue, having it both ways until he sees which way the polls go for garnering the most votes. Take his stand on gay marriage. Before coming out in favor of it, his views were "still evolving." Yeah, right.

In his drive to make us a socialistic nation, he is determined to destroy the main obstacle, the Republican Party. He already refuses to enforce those laws he doesn't agree with, such as the Defense of Marriage Act, in spite of his oath of office. Can you imagine how dictatorial Obama would be if successful in destroying the GOP? After all, isn't that how dictatorships are brought about, by having only one party?



Obama will survive

the current firestorm

I'm no soothsayer, but I can confidently predict President Barack Obama will come out of the ongoing political firestorms (involving Benghazi, the Internal Revenue Service and the Associated Press phone records) smelling like a rose.

There are three reasons.

First, historically, that's precisely what happened to Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton following the Iran-contra and Monica Lewinsky affairs, and even George W. Bush seems to be getting a reprieve despite his weapons-of-mass-destruction fiasco in Iraq.

Second, none of Obama's issues involve sex and/or lying, and thus the public will soon lose interest and go back to watching the Kardashians.

Third, and just as important, Republicans will completely overplay their hand, acting as if they have a royal flush when all they hold is a pair.

One can see this already regarding Benghazi; they reason that because four people died, it's even greater grounds for impeachment than Watergate. Never mind that President Richard Nixon committed high crimes and misdemeanors, and Obama, well, not so much.

But stock up on some candy and popcorn. You are about to see theater that not even Shakespeare could produce. Or dream of.


Mays Landing

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